Application Management is an integral part of cloud-based services.

Service engineering techniques and automated control tools raise the level of application management to a level that is rarely achieved with traditional enterprise IT models.
The primary goal is to ensure that applications continue to perform and to maintain Service Continuity.

Cloud is the future.

Explore backup policies. They are an integral part of the cloud.

Physical Layer

Focus on Level 1.

The first level of backup policies is application agnostic. However, it allows full-speed access to data.


Focus on Level 2.

The second level of the backup policy is the logical, exact recovery of the database transactions.

Claudio Daolio


Cloud Director


Cloud is an evocative word. Clouds are a paradigm for a vision of the Internet as an innovative model for automating enterprise business processes. 


Our cloud is your answer to every need.

Customized resource management through a dedicated data center that ensures maximum security and privacy.
Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access with enterprise firewalls and in-house hosting.


Don't start over from 0.

While it is possible to restore the infrastructure, it is not always possible to restore the data that has been lost. This is why equipping your IT with remote backup capability is critical.

Disaster Recovery

Resilience ensures survival.

Earthquakes, floods, and theft are threats to business continuity. Disaster Recovery is the best choice to protect your processes and your business from these unpleasant situations.

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