With Remote Backup, you can store your data in a data center that is a safe and secure distance away from your business. It becomes your vault in the cloud.

Protect your IT from threats.

Business process information is a corporate asset.
Disasters can threaten the use and even the existence of the engine room of the company, its architectures, its programs, and the data they contain.
To help you avoid this risk, the Cloud Remote Backup Service is designed specifically for business applications such as enterprise resource planning and document management.

Protect your business data with maximum security.




Our managed solution

Remote Backup

The future of backups.

The service is managed by a team of experts who will be at your disposal for the best coordination of the actions necessary to ensure maximum business continuity.

Why rely on our Remote Backup:


Managed and smart service.

It connects your business to the Internet and intelligently schedules backups to occur when other uses are not disrupted.


Ready for anything.

It protects customers’ mission-critical service data by storing it in the cloud, safe from malware, cybercriminals, and disaster events.


Fast and secure.

Reduce backup time by transferring only information that has changed since previous copies.


Smart service all around.

Sophisticated technologies compress many copies of data into time series of past days, months, and years. No storage is wasted.

Data Privacy.

backup policies.

Secure file storage.

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