Customized Security solutions.

Every year, an increasing number of companies find themselves having to confront ever more complex cyber threats. To avoid data loss and breaches of privacy, it’s important to have an integrated and robust IT security system. Our experts offer customized solutions to maintain operational continuity and create a work environment that is secure and resistant to these cyber threats.

Develop your business with peace of mind. Your security is in our hands.

Why choose us as your IT partner?

Advanced Expertise.

We protect your success.

With years of experience, our highly qualified team offers advanced threat management and prompt responses to ensure corporate security against potential breaches.


Enjoy the benefits without stress.

Choosing us as a partner offers economic advantages over maintaining an internal department, avoiding expenses for training, technology, and operational management. We take care of everything.

Piero Malfona


Cyber Security Director


At Skybackbone the mantra is Security First.
We are committed to ensure the maximum security of companies’ information systems, allowing them to focus exclusively on business growth without distractions.


You're always safe with us.

We are leaders in adopting security technologies and methodologies, continuously adapting our defense strategies to ensure an up-to-date response to emerging threats.

Focus on
the business.

Let your business grow with us.

With our Security management, focus on the core business without worrying about the management of information systems and threats.
Rely on us for complete peace of mind.




Anti-Ransomware protection.

Ransomware is a dangerous software that paralyzes computer systems by encrypting and locking data, demanding a ransom to restore normal operations.


Business Continuity.

Preparation is crucial to overcome business setbacks.
The ability to cope with difficulties can decide business survival. A solid plan is essential for resilience.


Uncompromising communication.

Protect mailboxes by blocking threats such as spam, phishing, malware, APTs and zero-day attacks. All your business communications will be as secure as possible.




Risk Assessment.

Risk analysis is essential to recognise the threats to your business.
We will create a highly effective risk treatment plan, keeping you one step ahead.


Vulnerability Assessment e
Penetration Test.

Taking preventive action is crucial. Our analyses not only identify weak points, but also offer corrective solutions, ensuring optimal security.




Administrative access control.

It collects, archives and queries administrative access, ensuring compliance with the GDPR and the Garante della Privacy 2008 Order.


Experts at your service.

From May 2018, with the GDPR coming into force, the best choice is to rely on experienced professionals.
Our Privacy Team offers proven experience.


Your data as safe as in a vault.

We protect your databases through the use of eNcryption, which transforms data into unreadable format.
Only authorised persons have transparent access, guaranteeing security and privacy.

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