Provides comprehensive protection against email threats: blocks spam, phishing, targeted attacks, malware, APTs, and zero-day vulnerabilities, preventing access to your inbox.

Cyberattacks continue to grow in Italy.

Email is the primary attack vector for your employees. Neutralize it and minimize the risks associated with email communication with eMailShield’s unique technology.
Your security is our primary concern.
We know that email threats are constantly evolving and that traditional security tools are often insufficient to provide effective protection.

Security and control for your communications.




Our managed solution


It blocks any type of email attack.

Radically transform your approach to email security with an innovative cloud solution designed to intercept and neutralize threats before they reach your inbox.

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Phishing e

Every email will be harmless.

Reduces email risk with threat intelligence, signature-based detection, URL verification, image recognition, and machine learning, including DMARC verification.


Advanced perception, deep defense.

It detects evasion techniques and malicious content, prevents APT and zero-day attacks, and intervenes early in the attack chain for effective defense. Perception Point is a unique technology at the CPU level.

Full protection.

It defends against all types of email attacks, including phishing, spoofing, and malware. It also detects innovative and sophisticated attacks.

AI and Machine Learning.

It uses advanced algorithms to proactively analyze email content. It identifies and isolates threats before they can cause damage.

Dynamic analysis.

Recursively decompresses and analyzes embedded files and URLs to detect hidden malicious content for complete protection.

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