Managed anti-ransomware service that identifies and blocks any process that attempts to encrypt files or exploit resources on devices that have been infected.

Ransomware: the silent digital threat to businesses.

In the digital age, ransomware is the most common threat to businesses of all sizes. With exorbitant ransom demands, this malicious software cripples computer systems by encrypting data and shutting down operations.
The actual attack can last for weeks. Unfortunately, those who do not invest in prevention do not realize they are victims until it is too late and IT systems are completely unusable.

Don't let your company become the next target.

The stages of attack:


Conosciamo il silenzio.

Attacks begin with quiet methods such as phishing. They gain more and more access and study the IT environment carefully.


Data exfiltration.

Hackers gradually take control of systems, surreptitiously exfiltrate data and encrypt backups and files, then hold them for ransom and threaten to release the information.

What happens next?


Saves days. Avoid damage.

The company experiences extended downtime of days or weeks before partially restoring systems, causing significant financial damage.


Can it really be fixed?

Paying the ransom does not guarantee complete data recovery. This not only leads to loss of reputation with customers and suppliers, but also uncertainty about the integrity of the recovered data.




Our managed solution


Protect yourself with eMalware.

Advanced Anti-Ransomware Managed Service, uses sophisticated detection and blocking mechanisms to identify and neutralize processes that attempt to encrypt files or exploit resources on infected devices. It provides a reliable, proactive defense against ransomware to protect critical data.

Identification and blockage

Proactive protection that immediately detects and blocks attempts to encrypt files or hijack device resources.

Secure data recovery

Restore data securely from the service cache or viaRBaaS backup. Your data is completely secure. 

Whitelist and Monitoring

Customized whitelists for legitimate operations, prevention of unauthorized changes, and total control of the IT environment to ensure proper startup.

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