Our Managed Service assesses the performance of your infrastructure. It provides investment control and real-time notification of problems.

Monitoring is essential for your IT.

Preventing is better than curing, especially in business. An early warning system can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a serious service interruption that could cost you a lot of money.
That’s why careful, multi-level monitoring isn’t just an option. It’s a must for any business that strives for excellence.
Are you getting the most out of the hardware you’ve invested in (physical or virtual)? Are your users unhappy with management/CRM/website performance?
Have you thought about how easy it would be to manage your infrastructure as a service?

Continued vigilance leads to continued success.

Why monitoring is important:

Corrective Actions Planned

Your Databases in tip-top shape.

Ensure business continuity by maximizing database performance with a program that implements scheduled corrective actions.


The best tool management.

Increase your business productivity with an advanced database management tool.




Our managed solution


Your IT is getting smarter.

It analyze the match between user requests and the throughput capacity of your applications. It set up intelligent alerts to flag anomalies using standardized metrics.

Remote Cloud Access.

The Skybackbone cloud is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Simply login.

You can manage everything from a browser with access to application monitoring data.

Remote installation.

No physical intervention required for setup in your IT.

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Our tools do the work for you.

The best for Oracle and SQL Server.

Uncompromised encryption.

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Luca Bulgarelli

Sales Director