Process management.

Technical department processes are integrated with those of marketing, product development, purchasing, and manufacturing.
Business processes, both pre-sales and post-sales, are made more efficient and secure with project, product, and information management tools.

From idea to production.

Why choosing a qualified Technical Office is increasingly important:


A perfect match.

The synergistic integration of the offices and the use of dedicated tools streamline the processes to ensure the smooth and highly efficient management of projects, products and information.

End to end

High protection and performance.

Implementing targeted tools not only increases efficiency, but also ensures complete security of business data. This allows for secure management in both the pre-sales and post-sales phases.

Paolo Pavesi


CAD Division Director


The technical office is a strategic department for many organizations. It requires specific tools to meet the unique needs of designers and drafters.


CAD Tell Industry 2D and 3D.

It’s a design software that is optimized to improve the performance of the engineering design department with an integrated suite of tools that enhances its advanced management.


Product Data Management ISOTELL.

It facilitates the exchange of design data with other departments in your IT organization and ensures optimal management of design data throughout the product lifecycle.


Vault-encrypted Database.

To protect our clients’ intellectual property, we use the most secure encryption methods available. We store all files in our encrypted database.


Blockchain Tell Industry.

Blockchain ensures maximum security and authority. It preserves the authorship of innovative works or projects forever by indisputably establishing the rightful owner.

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