It completely simplifies the usual process we're used to. And at a much more competitive cost, it ensures full protection of your project's intellectual property.

Intellectual property defense.

Over time, it has become increasingly important to protect and ensure the full identity validity of one’s designs. The process of obtaining a patent is generally time consuming and costly. For this reason, we have developed a solution that allows you to achieve the same result in a better way, optimizing the cost-benefit ratio.

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Our solution

Tell Protection

Protect your projects with blockchain technology.

It is the innovative service that uses the public or private network and allows customers to sign, date and publish their unique file signature on Ethereum. This way, intellectual property is always verified and secure.

What Tell Protection offers:

Protection and safety.

Reliability and efficiency.

Tell Protection offers maximum protection to vulnerable files, securing your project and your work.


Ad hoc.

It keeps track of the file exchanged between the parties and its changes. It adapts perfectly to your needs.

Paternity function on blockchain.

Intellectual property protection with maximum privacy.

Hash publication of the Tell file on Ethereum.

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